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Air Plant Exotic Assortment, Set of Five

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Includes 1 Tillandsia Seleriana, 1 Tillandsia Butzii, 1 Tillandsia Caput Medusae, 1 Tillandsia Guatemala and 1 Tillandsia Rubra.

Create a terrarium or living decor piece today with these beautiful air plants. Help your air plants thrive with the included organic plant food pod. Simply dilute with four ounces of water in a spray bottle and use once a month in addition to normal watering.

Air plants are perfect if you want to bring a little nature into your home, no green thumb required! Air plants do not need soil and are happy with indirect light. Great for terrariums, driftwood sculptures, seashells and anywhere else that could use a little green - they can thrive almost anywhere!

  • 5 Assorted exotic air plants, 2-6" each
  • Air plants are easy to care for, no soil required
  • Free e-book "MakersKit Terrariums Guidebook"
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