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Mason Herb Garden Questions

My Mason Herb Garden has different material than what was on the tutorial. Is there a different video

There are two different types of Mason Herb Garden Kits.

The first is the Mason Herb Garden with Clover. That video can be found HERE

The second is the Mason Herb Garden with Mint. That video can be found HERE


How often/how much should I water my Mason Herb Garden kit?

You want to water up to the rock or vermiculite line once a week. It also depends on your soil. If it feels moist you can water it every other week. If it feels dry stick to once a week.


I noticed that my Mason Herb Garden has mold growing on the soil... what should I do?

Mold occurs when there is over watering. Mold on the soil is harmless and can be easily removed using a wooden toothpick. After mold removal, it is best to not water your plant for a few days as the soil dries. When starting to water again, make sure to cut back on watering as your Mason Herb Garden only needs to be watered about 2 times a week.


How many seeds come in the Mason Herb Garden?

The number of seeds can vary but depending on the herb.

Cilantro = 15 +/-

Basil = 100 +/-

Parsley = 75 +/-

Mint = 100 +/-

It all depends on weight and not an exact count of seeds.


If you still have questions about your kit please feel free to email us at


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