Our story, how MakersKit was born

Our story, how MakersKit was born

Hello there!

I'm Mike Stone, one of the founders of MakersKit. 
I have a passion for the arts and have always been creative. As most of my friends grew up and got older, I noticed that they lost that special something, the spark or imagination that we all had as kids. Somehow I was lucky, maybe it's the inner kid in me, but I never stopped making. I ended up going to FIT in New York, started my own fashion line and ended up owning five of my very own stores in San Francisco. It was great, I was living the dream, and even helped a few other creative folks along the way by hiring in-house designers, everything we sold was designed by local makers. To give back, I decided to volunteer as an art teacher after I found out my old grade school lost it's art program.

A few years into operating the stores, I met my soon to be co-founder, Jawn McQuade. He applied to manage the stores, got the job, and before we knew it became the best of friends. Oh, and he was also an elementary school teacher, what were the chances? We were always coming up with new projects and ideas, the best one was teaching DIY workshops in the stores. It was great, inspiring people to get their hands dirty, to make something. Before we knew it, the workshops became more popular than the stores themselves, Google and YouTube asked us to teach them our secret sauce and that's when we knew, if Google was coming to us for our expertise, we must have clearly be onto something.

We used my living room as our mini factory, workshop, office and lab. Our idea was to package our most popular DIY projects into complete kits that came with everything you need, because we all know how annoying it is whenever "batteries are not included" or you're missing parts. Then we filmed our workshops, so it would feel like you were right there with us.

We finally had a product that was unique and something we were both passionate about.

That's how MakersKit was born, the idea of two friends, our love of all things creative and the drive to get the inner kid out of us all.

We hustled, made our first batch of kits out of my living room, boxes stacked to the ceiling. A little mix of charm, hard work, luck, and a collection of kits we could proudly stand behind, we had our own business we like to call MakersKit. 

MakersKit is based in Los Angeles, CA and employs over 40 makers.
You can find our hand-crafted products in over 5,000 stores across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan.

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