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The hay/straw is just for cushion around the mason jars. Make sure they don’t break in the shipping process. If you have any other questions please feel free to email

Hi – What is the use of the straw/hay? I noticed that someone posted asking about it, but you responded to them separately. I have the same question as I did not see it used in the video. Thanks!

Thank you, Fabulous Maker Boys! I’m going to start my mason jar herb garden this afternoon. It was a gift from my sister at Christmas. Time for some fresh herbs!

Hey Asha!

Thank you for your comment! We sent you an email with answers to all your questions.

Happy Making!

Hey guys! Just got my kits and I’m so excited! I tried growing some herbs before and it didn’t work out, but I think your kits are awesome and I’ll be trying this with my bigger mason jars just as soon as I get the supplies so thanks for a great idea! I have two questions (1) Any suggestions on how to give my herb jars “indirect” sunlight in an apartment where ALL the windows get “DIRECT” sunlight all day? I don’t want those “unwanted creatures” you mentioned growing in the jars. And question (2) My kit came with a little bundle of something that looks like straw or hay, but you didn’t show it in your herb kit video so I don’t know what I’m suppose to do with it.

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