Teardrop Air Plant Terrarium Kit – MakersKit

Teardrop Air Plant Terrarium Kit


Perfect film length for a how-to video.
Great enunciation and talking speed- moves along at a brisk pace, maintaining focus, but not too quickly, in practical terms for following along.
Nice energy & enthusiasm- appears genuine, not forced.

Nice DIY project choice; terrariums & aeriums have surged in popularity (basically as a less effeminate, more affordable, space-saving version of the massive ‘fairy garden’ trend; still makes use of miniatures, which for some reason are irresistible.)

The trend reminds me of the adult coloring-book fad [as in coloring books marketed to adults, not coloring books with ‘adult rated’ content ;) ], I guess because making little terrariums is not unlike creating ‘fairy gardens,’ which are more or less a grown-up version of arranging dollhouse miniatures. Both the tiny-gardening trend & the coloring book trend are artistic, creative, constructive, classy forms of escapism. We can create much simpler, prettier worlds in glass jars to stare at and envy, escaping momentarily from our stressful, sometimes deeply troubling, macroscopic day-to-day views of the world around us. Do we not wish the world was as simple & harmonious as a little green world inside a small glass atmosphere?

You guys make some great DIY videos that keep projects from being intimidating, while allowing for personalization.

In short, what you are doing (referring to Makers Kit; this whole concept with the videos, kit store, etc.), you are doing with great competence.

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