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7 Things You've Probably Been Doing Wrong

Sometimes you've been doing something for so long, you don't realize there are much easier and more efficient ways to go about it. Thankfully the internet exists and much smarter people around the world are gracious enough to share their awesome life hacks with us. So if you've been doing these things wrong, here's your chance to get it right.


1. Storing grocery bags

via Popsugar

Keep them compact and organized by folding them into these triangle shapes. They'll take up less space and you won't have a messy cabinet of plastic bags that'll explode on you every time you open it.



2. French Toast

via Real Simple

Turns out making good french toast requires a lot of knowledge and skill. Everything from choosing the right bread to maple syrup matters. Don't disappoint with your next brunch and follow the recipe by Real Simple.


3. Opening Tough Packages 



4. Cutting Watermelon 



5. Fold Bedsheets Easily and Neatly

No more speed rolling your bed sheets. Everyone usually gets confused by the elastic band on bedsheets, but there's really a way to fold them neatly. Give this space-saving hack a try.

6. Keeping your place on a roll of tape


7. Cord Organization

Use the tags from your groceries to label your cords. Never get confused by which cord is which again; you can even color coordinate them.





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