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10 Silly Gadgets You Can't Believe Exist

Sometimes you have to giggle at all the silly gadgets out on the market. You got to give some points for creativity, while others you kind of just shake your head asking, "why?" If you're a tech nerd or if your guilty pleasure is hoarding fun gadgets, check out 10 silly ones below and see you'll be adding them to your cart.

1. Pillow Remote Control

via Mashable
2. iPad Typewriter Keyboard

via Likes
3. Condiment Gun
4. Keyboard Waffle Iron
5. Magic Wand Salt and Pepper Shakers
6. iPhone/iPod Stereo Boombox
7. Temperature Sensitive LED Faucet Light
via Amazon
8. Toaster Selfie
9. Pig USB Hub
10. Desktop Microwave Powered by USB

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