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8 Cool Concept Designs You Wish Were Real

It's time we celebrate the creative inventors of the world. If you've ever browsed through concept designs, you'd know how incredibly mesmerizing they are. Futuristic, ingenious, and aesthetically pleasing, designers create some of the craziest products that make life easier and better. Some tackle serious world problems, while others simplify everyday nuances. Either way, these concept designs are pretty cool and makes us look forward to what's in store.


1. The Ruggie Alarm Clock

via Yanko Design

The Ruggie is for all us snoozers out there. Designer Winson Tam was inspired to create a rug alarm clock after the death of a close friend as a reminder of how valuable time is. The Ruggie is his way of saving time, and thus, creating a longer life experience. He shares that "if each day he can wake up 5-minutes ahead of schedule, he can add up to 100 more days to his life – assuming that he lives to the age of 80."

The alarm works as both a nightlight and an alarm clock. To turn off the alarm, you have to stand on the mat for at least 3 seconds. I've heard of leaving your alarm clock far from your bedside to avoid snoozing, but requiring to stand on the mat for at least 3 seconds is guaranteed to pull you out of bed and wake up.

Tam emphasizes how waking up early and time management are habits that lead to success and hopes that the Ruggie can assist in instilling these qualities to lead a more productive life.


2. Pollution Smart Mask

via Yanko Design

They say necessity is the mother of invention. This advanced air mask design by Wenzhi Lee was created to use in urban areas with various pollution levels. With the risks still high, this mask design is an imaginative and modern take on combating the issue. The Smart Mask connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology to indicate when the air quality is bad.


3. Hanger Tea

via Lovely Package

Despite missing out on the opportunity to name them "Tea-Shirts", this adorable Hanger Tea bag design will be sure to make your morning a little better. Designed by Soon Mo Kang, the Hanger Tea simply hangs on the side of your mug and works like regular tea bags. Nothing complex about it, just plain cute.


4. Aperture Wrench


via Industrial Design Served

The days of multiple tools are over. Well, at least it could be with this aperture wrench design. Inspired by a camera lens, this compact tool adjusts its size to do the job of multiple wrenches in one.


5. Drop Toilet of Tomorrow

via Pengfei Li

A revolutionary new toilet. Designed with hygiene and water conservation in mind, the Drop toilet uses foam water, saving up to 80% of water used in regular toilets. Drop also uses motion sensors that open and operate through gestures so you'll never have to touch a flush knob again. Imagine if all public restrooms could look this good.


6. Swirl Sink Faucet

No one really needs a sink faucet that flows out pretty water designs, but if it can actually save 15% water then why not? This beautiful design by Simin Qui won the 2014 IF Concept Design Award, and for good reason. The sleek Swirl is touch operated and has three water flow forms for all your hand-washing pleasure. Don't expect to find these at your nearest homeware stores, it's just a concept design.


7. The 15 Minutes Lamp

via Beautiful Life

If you find yourself falling sleep with the light on often, the 15 Minute Lamp can solve this energy-wasting problem in... well 15 minutes. Designers Hye Min Lee, Hye mi Lee and Sun Hwa Jung came up with a lamp that works like an hourglass. The sand switches off the light after 15 minutes. During the time elapse, the light dims slowly until fully turned off. The lamp helps you fall asleep better in bed by slowly transitioning instead of abruptly switching off the light.


8. Tennis Picker

via Laughing Squid


I know, why hasn't anyone thought of this sooner? It's basically a glorified velcro strip on your tennis racket but it works and Korean inventor Yunjo Yu thought of it first, so what are we going to do about it?! Still smart, and still necessary. You win this round, designers.

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