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6 Ways To Repurpose Candle Jars

Winter is the season of scented candles. If you've gone a little candle crazy (especially with all those Bath and Body Works sales happening), you've probably been lighting up a storm. Don't toss away those glass jars just yet! Give them a good cleaning and they'll make great organizers around the house. The glass is durable and looks expensive, so the DIY part comes easy. Check out these creative ways to reuse your old candle jars:


1. DIY Gold Candle Jar Desk Organizer

Blogger Allison Anderson did a glam DIY makeover on her candle jars using gold paint and a crystal knob to create these upscale desk organizers. She places miscellaneous things like pens, snacks, and tea in her new jars.


2. Flower Vase

Sheerluxe has a lovely solution for candle jars: use them as elegant vases for her soft and lush roses.


3. Potted Plants

Fine Life Co. suggests grabbing your tiny succulent friends and welcoming them to their new homes.


4. DIY Stacked Makeup Organizer

DIY YouTube queen Anne or Shine came up with this space-saving idea to hold your favorite lippies and polishes.


5. Hair Band Storage

If you're constantly losing your hair bands or find them scattered throughout your vanity, tidy them up by placing them in a mini candle jar. Check out how Missy Sue gave hers a thorough cleaning.


6. Kitchen Containers

Natalie and Britt of Three Little Crowns did a simple transformation on their candle jars lid and instantly created these handy kitchen containers. A little chalkboard paint will do wonders.

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