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10 Pets Dressed Adorably

Apparently "Dress Up Your Pet Day" is a real thing, so I took it upon myself to search for some of the cutest pets for our viewing pleasure. Yes, I know, it's a rough job but someone has to do it. How all these strange and random holidays came about, I don't know, but I'm so glad this is one of them. Without further ado, let's enjoy some fluff balls to get us through the day and brace yourself for the "Awww's" that'll ensue:


This hamster looks like a mini professor
via Animal Ekstrax


Someone's ready for bed time!
via imgur


If Gandalf was a pug
via Bashny


So cute you'll forget you're allergic to cats
via KittehKats


When a frenchie looks better in a bowtie than you ever will
via BuzzFeed


What is this angelic thing?!
via Style Me Pretty


We're getting some serious Sherlock vibes from this guy
via Montjiro


Did anyone spot this dinosaur in Jurassic Park?
via aaanything.net


Is this a cat or a bunny? Looks like its going through an identity crisis
via egotvonline


Oh is it "Take your Human to Work Day?"
via TheSpunkPot


Now if you're filled with envy that your four-legged best friend has been walking around without the cutest get-up, check out these DIY pet clothes ideas. Maybe your pet will make it on the list next year!

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