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Funny Gifts Your Best Friends Would Love

Everyone has a little quirkiness in them, and often only our closest friends get it. After all, that's why we love them so much. This holiday season, give them the gift of laughter with some hilarious gifts that are both fun and reminds them of why you're friends in the first place.


For the under-appreciated friend...

Fill in the Blank Bestie Book - $9.99 at Kohl's


Let them know how much they mean to you with this fill in the blank book. This book is an inside-joke galore, with sentences like "If we could bottle your _________ and sell it, we'd make a fortune." What's more personalized than that?


For the friend that always tags you in unflattering photos...

Smartphone spy lens - $20.00 at Uncommon Goods


Yeah, we're talking about the friend you cautiously avoid whenever they pull out their phones. The one with the special skills of taking the worst candid photos. The one whose Snapchat story is filled of zooms of your face. You hate them in the moment, but when you look back at the Facebook photo albums, you can't help but chuckle. Go ahead, be an enabler and get them this lens. They'll love it.


For the friend you only speak in emojis with...

Emoji Pillow - $3.47 on eBay

You and your best friend pretty much have every emoji memorized and categorized. You haven't typed a word to each other in weeks. You celebrated the new taco emojis by eating tacos. You get the point, right?


For the friend who won't stop quoting Yeezus...

Kanye Mug - $20.00 on Proxy Shop


Are you guys in a clique? Is your friend running for president in 2020? Do they run onstage and interrupt you during awards shows? Then this is the gift for them. All jokes aside, any hip-hop fan would enjoy this silly Kanye mug.


For the friend with a sweet tooth...

Triple Candy Machine - $14.99 on sale on Groupon


Pretty self-explanatory but if your friend can't stop snacking on candy, they'll love this candy machine. Three kinds of candy in a portable self-serve machine?! The ultimate jackpot. Imagine this baby standing on their work desk!


For the friend who can't stop stressing...

Freud Therapy Ball - $9.99 at Toynk


Bonus points if they're into psychology! This Freud therapy ball is the ultimate stress reliever or companion for those moments of deep, thought provoking reflecting... or deciding what to have for lunch. Either way, your friend would enjoy getting a little frustration out with this gift.


For the friend who loves wine...

Extra Large Novelty Wine Glass - $16.00 at Nordstrom


We all have that friend who loves a glass or two of wine, so make it easier for them with this extra large wine glass. No refills needed.


For the friend with the charming sarcasm...

Tear Off E-Cards 2016 Calendar at Urban Outfitters


Your friend is so sarcastic, you're never sure if they're ever serious. I'm sure everyone relates to at least one E-card, but your sassy friend is the epitome of E-cards.

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