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Pinecone DIYs For Winter

I love seeing pinecones as decorations for the holidays. They're so easy to find and even easier to DIY. They make perfect table accents, garlands, and home scents. Keep scrolling if you want to be convinced of being a pinecone enthusiast.


via Home Depot

String pinecones with twine and burlap to create a one-of-a-kind ribbon. Use it to wrap gifts or act as a rustic garland at home.



via Sweet Paul Mag

More edgy and unexpected, this crystal pinecone diy is a step up from your typical glitter or painted pinecones. Bonus: it also looks like it's covered in snow!


via Do It Yourself Divas

What's Christmas without a wreath? Finish it off with a ribbon bow for a polished look.



via recyclart

A cute craft idea for the home or with the kids. Turn pinecones into mini trees with green paint. Use pompom balls as ornaments or sprinkle glitter for some extra sparkle.



via firefliesandmudpies

Use pinecones as ornaments for your tree! Decorate them to look like animals like this reindeer or a hedgehog!

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