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5 DIYs To Help You Stay Warm This Winter

Who knew even sunny Southern California gets chilly when winter comes around? Not me. When I moved here, I was skeptical about the weather and thought I'd be melting in 100 degree weather forever. Now it's December and I look like I'm still waiting around for the next beach party. I needed some quick DIYs to stay warm (and a trip to the mall, of course), so here are some winter hacks to stay warm so you won't be suffering like me:

1. DIY Handwarmers

via RaeAnnKelly

I love this DIY because it's easy and it works. Fill these DIY bags with some rice, and BAM! Bring these out on cold nights and stick them in your coat pockets for instant coziness.


2. DIY Hot Water Bottle Cover

via Lisa Joy

Technically this DIY isn't necessary but it beats constantly readjusting a towel wrapped around your hot wattle bottle to keep from burning yourself. I thought it was a great way to upcycle old sweaters and easier than learning how to knit since most tutorials for covers involved knitting. Ain't nobody got time for that when they're freezing!


3. DIY Hot Cocoa

via Cincy Shopper

This one isn't necessarily a DIY but always does the trick to keeping me warm. Nothing is as soothing or comforting as a hot cup of chocolate on a cold day. I liked the idea of this recipe because making it from scratch will last longer than buying the packets at your local grocery store.


4. DIY Draft Stopper

via Bobvila

This one is a great one for older homes. Sometimes the cold winds are relentless and turning on the heat won't combat this problem. These draft stoppers are easy to make and extremely effective. The slideshow features some funny ways to decorate the stoppers that'll make them even more enjoyable.

5. DIY Candle

Lighting candles can help with warmth in more than one way. If you're a big fan of scented candles, lighting ones with spices like cinnamon can give you the sensation of feeling warmer. Give our Pumpkin Spice Candle kit a try if you want to test out this theory!

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