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5 Uniquely Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

My favorite part about gift giving isn't picking out the gift but thinking about how I'd present it. Strange, I know, but I think a thoughtfully wrapped present makes it even more exciting to open. There's just something so satisfying about surprising someone with a present before they can even open it! I'm known to go all out when it comes to gift wrapping, so I couldn't help but share inspiration with you all too.

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Is it strange that this is made from something in your restroom? Who knew toilet rolls could look so nice. Not only is this an environmentally friendly (and unexpected) option, it's perfect for the daintiest gifts.



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If you're a crafter, you must have some washi tape lying around somewhere. As one of the most versatile and stylish tapes out there, washi tape also makes a great gift wrap print. It's minimal but looks store bought and is fun to personalize for each recipient.



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For the gentlemen, how about this quirky prepster wrapping? I love the added touch of the bow tie!



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Ever dealt with having to wrap some of the weirdest shaped objects? What's worse is finding a box that doesn't fit. This tutorial shows you how to make your own gift bags using wrapping paper and ribbons.




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Probably not the most frugal gift wrap idea, but definitely one of the most creative. Gift wrapping with shirts would be a cool idea if you have old sweaters, flannels, or vintage graphic tees that would work as a nice design for the present. Or you could even use the shirt you plan on gifting as the wrap itself? I'm not sure how I feel about this one but you can't deny its originality.

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