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Top 10 DIY Blogs To Follow

If you're looking for DIY blogs to follow, check out these 10 makers we're obsessed with (in no particular order because we love them all that much):

1. HonestlyWTF

We're a little bias when it comes to Erica because she's an amazing curator for our latest subscription box, but her DIY geometric soaps is just one her many stunning projects. 

2. A Pair and A Spare

Geneva's blog is as classy as it gets. Her fashion DIYs are always on trend,and she shares great hostess projects as well. I especially enjoy reading her "life" section, where she shares insightful pieces on doing what you love (something I'm sure we all relate to).

3. Shrimp Salad Circus

Just from the title, you know this blog is going to be a fun one. Lindsay's DIYs are out of the box and unexpected in the best way. Her cactus pillow project pictured above shows off her artistic sense, but she also has a great knack for jewelry.

4. Oh So Beautiful Paper

If you're into calligraphy or paper crafts, this is the blog for you. Nole has some of the most creative DIYs that'll have you second guessing paper as your new favorite art medium. I'm especially enjoying her post-it menu tutorial.

5. Handmade Charlotte

Crafting with your children isn't as simple as coloring and finger painting anymore. Rachel's blog is full of unique ideas that'll be great for bonding with your loved ones.

6. Sugar and Charm

Eden's blog is, you guessed it, charming. Her projects encompass DIYs you never would've thought of but are undeniably irresistible. I'm a sucker for gorgeous photography in tutorials, and she hits that one way on the mark.

7. Hello Natural

Take a step back from all the crafty DIY blogs to venture into the relaxing and indulging blog that is Hello Natural. Stephanie's blog focuses on living naturally and living healthy. I absolutely love her philosophy and her natural beauty tutorials are a must-try.

8. Damask Love

Amber was a featured blogger who partnered with us on an Instagram takeover not too long ago. Her style is fun and her tutorials will fill you with energy. Her personality pops from the screen, showing boldly on her blog. If you're a fan of the aesthetic, you'll love her.

9. Swell Mayde

I live for fashion, but sometimes keeping up with trends can be pricey. Who am I kidding? It's pricey all the time. I love reading DIY fashion blogs and learning new tricks to upcycle my wardrobe. Luckily, Aimee has some of the best tutorials out there to keep you looking stylish. 

10. Homey Oh My

One of our first featured Makers of the Week, Amy, has the monochromatic blog of your dreams. Her photography is crisp white and dreamy with soft neutrals. To me, her DIYs are timeless and so easy to incorporate into your everyday life. This goes without saying but home decor is her specialty and it shows.

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