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Make Your Own Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Throughout all the excitement of preparing the Thanksgiving meal, it’s easy to forget how much a beautiful centerpiece adds to the festive feel of the holiday. Luckily, you can make a Thanksgiving centerpiece easily and affordably — and with materials you already have around your home or property.

Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Every festive meal needs candlelight, and what easier way to add some relaxation and elegance to your holiday table than with hurricane lamps, pillar candles and colorful filler? Start with glass hurricanes of different sizes — always choose an odd number, such as three or five. Place one thick pillar candle in the center of each hurricane, and add whole nuts or fruits until they reach about a third of the way up the side. Chestnuts, walnuts and cranberries all work beautifully. Place the hurricanes grouped together or spaced at equal intervals along the table. Make sure you leave space for serving dishes if you plan to have them on the table.

If you choose to fill the hurricane with another material, make sure it isn’t flammable! Pinecones, for example, are beautiful, but they will ignite quickly. For the best results, choose a colorful candle that matches your décor and also enhances the holiday feel. Metallics, deep greens and browns, and orange all work well.

If you’d like to take your table décor to the next level, space the hurricanes evenly and add fresh greenery or earthy branches in between. Good choices include pine, holly and white birch. You can also go for a vine such as bittersweet.

Bittersweet Vine and White Pumpkin Centerpiece

Bittersweet and leftover pumpkins from your Halloween décor make another affordable Thanksgiving centerpiece idea. Place a fall-themed runner along the length of your table and top it with white pumpkins or other distinctive gourds. Gently wrap the bittersweet around each gourd, tucking the berries and shorter branches under the main vine to keep it securely in place. Place small votives in random locations for an elegant, but simple, effect. 

Pinecones and Berries in a Footed Bowl

If you’re ready to create a lasting Thanksgiving table centerpiece you can use year after year, try making an arrangement of pinecones, berries and greenery in a footed bowl. You’ll need a decorative bowl, floral foam and preserved or faux pinecones, berries and greenery on stems. Place the dry foam inside the bowl and add the pinecones evenly around the foam. Leave enough space to add berry and greenery accents. Fill in gently, and place in the center of your table for a centerpiece that will look beautiful for years to come. 

The best part? You can swap out the orange berries for red berries, holly and ivy to transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas with hardly any effort at all.

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