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5 Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas (and 2 for your dog)

Halloween is coming up quickly which means its time to start planning out those awesome Halloween Costumes. We put together a list of some of our favorites for 2015 and even some costumes for your four legged friend. 


DIY Zombie Costume

Source: paticami_

1. Zombie

With The Walking Dead starting its new season now is the perfect time to break out some old clothes and get zombified with this Zombie Halloween costume. 



Twinning Emoji DIY Halloween Costume 

Source: mghn

2. The Twinning Emoji

With only a few pieces needed to pull off this Halloween costume you and your bestie can parade around town in something simple but effective



Spinelli DIY Halloween Costume

Source: ampoz

3. Spinelli from Recess

Who didn't love the super cool Spinelli from the TV show Recess. When Randall revealed that Spinelli’s first name was Ashley that sure was a doozy. Channel your inner Spinelli with this DIY Halloween custom that is sure to get everyone nostalgic.


DIY Pig in a Blanket Halloween Costume

source: ericamaissy

4. Pig in a Blanket

We love punny Halloween costumes and this one is no exception. Just get yourself a blanket and a pig beanie and you are good to go. Don't have one? Just use some pink construction paper and make yourself a nose and some ears. Its that easy!


Facebook DIY Halloween Costume

source: nbc

5. Facebook

Like we said earlier we love puns and nothing compares to the pun master himself, Jim Halpert. This is perfect if your in a pinch and cant think of something or you really like to keep it simple. Source: www.nbc.com


Don't forget about your dog!


Loofa Dog Halloween Costume

 source: zoilagram

 1. A Loofa!

Ballerina’s costumes for your dog are so overplayed. Its all about the loofa this year.



Dog with squirrel halloween customer

source: facebook

2. A Squirrel 

Dress your best friend like her favorite thing to bark at.

What's your Halloween costume is for 2015!?


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