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5 Steps to a DIY Game Night

Maybe it's just us, but Fall always seems like the perfect time for a game night. Now that all the schedules have shifted from relaxed summer-mode back into the school year grind, it's the perfect time to take a night to bring everyone together around a game! We've got you covered this weekend with 5 steps to a DIY game night that your friends will love.


1. Gather Your Games

You can't go wrong with a classic board game, but if you don't have any of your childhood faves handy, why not DIY? Check out our tutorial on a DIY Checkers Set, or come up with your own customized game for you and your friends!

2. Pick a Soundtrack

The tunes are a crucial element of any party. Make a playlist that'll match the mood you're going for, and if you feel like going the extra mile you can make copies of the mix for everyone to take home! We've got a great tutorial you can check out on DIY Mix CD cases here.

3. Get Some Snacks

 A game night without something to munch on is no game night at all! Luckily we have lots of great recipe ideas here on the blog for your to make! Whip up some cheese-filled cheeseburgers, or DIY Thin Mints, and throw in some Vietnamese iced coffee to keep everyone going. If you're over 21 you could even mix up signature cocktails for the group!

4. Set the Scene

A little mood-setting can take your game night to the next level. Spell out "GAME NIGHT" in moss letters, put out some candles, and make your place cozy and welcoming!

5. Have Fun!

Now enjoy it! Kick back, relax, and try not to get too competitive! Remember, it doesn't matter who ends up with the most points. What matters is you settled Catan, together.

Tag us in your game night pics with #makerskitgamenight and let us know your favorite game night tips in the comments!


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