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5 Ways to Encourage Lucid Dreams

If you've ever wanted to control your dreams, lucid dreaming is for you! Being aware that you're dreaming is a great way to explore and experience things free from the laws of physics, and dreams are a great place to find inspiration for creative projects! Here are 5 ways you can get started on the path to lucid dreams.


1. Keep a Dream Journal

A good way to start lucid dreaming is just by starting to be more aware of your dreams in general! Keep a dream journal close to your bed so that immediately after you wake up you can write down what you were dreaming. If you usually don't remember your dreams this will help with that too! You may start off just remembering snippets or feelings, but keeping a log will help you tune in and eventually remember more & more.

2. Start Doing Reality Tests

The next step to lucid dreaming is to test whether or not you're awake. Glance at something like a clock or a sign, just quickly enough to register the time or the text. Glance back to see if anything has changed, and if it has, you may be dreaming as text and times change often during dreams. Being able to tell for sure that you're awake will help you to realize that you're not when you do the same tests within a dream!

3.  Keep Track of Dream Signs

Another way your dream journal will come in handy! Keep track of any things that recur in your dreams so you'll be able to recognize quickly when you're dreaming. For example, if you look back at your log and realize you've been seeing the same dog in a lot of your dreams lately, the next time you dream about it you'll be able to recognize it and realize that you might be dreaming.

4. Envision Yourself in a Lucid Dream

Try meditating on what it would be like to be lucid within a dream. While you're journaling, imagine yourself still within your dream, and try to control the world of the dream.

5. Take a Nap!

You're more likely to lucid dream when you briefly wake up between periods of sleep. Try quick afternoon naps, or set an alarm about an hour before you have to get up, and then fall back to sleep. Interrupting your sleep cycle helps blur the line between sleep and wakefulness which will help you be more conscious of the fact that you're dreaming! 

Now you're set! If you need a nice cover for your dream journal, check out our post to make a DIY Fabric Journal Cover! Do you have any lucid dreaming tips? Share them in the comments!





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