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Mix CDs and DIY go hand in hand. A carefully curated playlist is a great handmade gift for friends, especially if they have a car without an older sound system. If you spent hours putting together the perfect mix for your besties, you're not just going to pop it into a plastic case, right? Here's a tutorial to make a DIY case for musical creation:



-Stiff cardstock or thin cardboard, we used a cereal box




-Collage materials


1. Draw the outline of this basic shape on one of your cardboard pieces. (You can also adjust the sizing if you have an old record that needs a new case)

2. Cut out your shape.

3. Use the ruler to fold the flaps down and get a sharp crease, and do the same down the middle. 

4. Put a thin line of glue on each flap, and fold the case in half.

5. Place something heavy on top of the case to hold it down while the glue dries.

6. Once it's dried, decorate! You can try to fit the theme of the mix, or just make something you think the person who's getting it will like. We went with a burger theme in honor of our favorite DIY label, Burger Records! We're including a mix of Burger bands you can listen to while you make your own cases.


We want to see your creations! Tag us in your pics @makerskit!

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