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DIY One Page Zine

 one page zine

Zines are handmade, self-published books that are made in very small quantities with pretty simple materials. Basically if you have collage materials, you can make a zine! As with any DIY project, the best thing about it is that you can make it however you want. Publish your own poetry, make a zine of pictures you've taken, make one dedicated to your pet, the sky's the limit!

Making a one-page zine is the easiest place to start, so let's jump into it!

zine materials


1 sheet of paper


Glue stick

Collage materials like magazine pages, pictures, washi tape, etc.


 1. Fold your paper in half from top to bottom.

 fold your zine

2. Now fold both the top and bottom in to the halfway line.

fold zine again

3. Unfold the paper and fold from top to bottom lengthwise so that you know have 8 equal sized rectangles folded on the sheet.

step 3 zine making

4. Fold in half from top to bottom once more, and cut through the middle line to the halfway mark.

step 4 zine making

5. Fold lengthwise one last time so you have a single row of four rectangles, and push both ends together so that the middle rectangles stick straight out. 

step 5 zine making


6. Fold over to create a mini book! While the book is closed, mark the front & back pages, and number each page in between.

step 6 zine making

7. Unfold the paper so it's a flat sheet once again, and use the numbers to guide you as you collage away!

 step 7 zine making

final zine making

If you want to reproduce your zine, scan it and make copies! You can number each one as an extra step so that everyone who gets one knows they got limited edition creation.



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