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5 Italian Desserts to Help You Celebrate Spumoni Day

national spumoni day

Happy Spumoni Day! Neapolitan’s cooler counterpart, Spumoni is an Italian ice cream that traditionally blends cherry, pistachio, and chocolate flavors for a colorful way to feed your sweet tooth. Here are 5 other Italian desserts you can try to keep the celebration rolling:


1. Tiramisu


Made with chocolate, coffee, and mascarpone, this is the quintessential Italian dessert.


2. Cannoli 


Named after the Sicilian word for “little tubes” these treats are filled with sweet cream and garnished with chocolate chips, nuts, or dried fruits.


3. Pizzelles


These light & sweet cookies are made with a pizzelle iron, giving them their intricate designs.


4. Amaretti


Not only are these cookies delicious, but because they’re made with almond flour they’re also gluten free!


5. Zabaglione


This custard is traditionally served with fruit, perfectly balancing sweet and tart.

Tell us how you’re celebrating Spumoni Day in the comments!

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