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5 DIY Home Decorating Project Ideas

home decor craft projects 

Home decor is so much more meaningful when it's handmade. But where do you start? Use this top 5 list as your starting point to creating your own home decor craft projects. 

1. Paint Something

paint your apartment

The easiest way to brighten up your bare walls is by painting an original piece! Just pick out some colors that you like and throw some paint on the canvas. Literally. The more abstract, the better.


2. Add Some Life With An Air Plant! 

hanging airplant terrarium

Via MakersKit
If you want to ease your way into caring for plant lives, air plants are great. They only need to be watered once a week, and we can show you how to make a hanging glass terrarium to keep them in.


3. Cork Boards

painted bulletin board

 Via Bubby & Bean
If you want to jumpstart your workplace creativity, give your desk a lift by painting a color block design on your cork board.


4. Creative Shelving  

ladder shelves

Via A Pair & A Spair
Turn a ladder into your new shelf by laying boards across the rungs.


5. Create a Photo Display Out of Twine! 

geometric photo display

Via The Caldwell Project
Bring your Instagram feed to life! Twist up a geometric design and then attach photos with clips. 

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