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How-To: DIY Clock Set

It’s always time for DIY here at MakersKit! With a few simple supplies, you can have a cool customizable clock that looks sharp without sacrificing any practicality hanging on your wall in minutes!

Gather your supplies:

Clock Base

Cardstock (any colors you like)

Alphabet Rub-Ons




Let’s get started!


Cut a killer shape out of the cardstock. We chose a hexagon, but hey, you're the maker, get creative with it. You can make it two layered or even thicker!


And you know what that means: time for cardstock. Another great opportunity to get wild with shapes and rub-on letters too!


It can be in the middle, or elsewhere if you're still feeling crazy.


Fit the back of the clock base through the hole. 


These are fairly important.


Now hang it up on your wall!

Show us how your clock's ticking on Instagram, @makerskit!

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