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DIY Activity: The Creativity Game!

The Creativity Game can be played at any party or gathering. The object of the game is to get your creative juices flowing! The most creative collection of people usually wins, but a lot can happen when you put enough minds together.

To start the game, you collect two bags of random objects from around the house.

And you’ll need these supplies:

  • Timer
  • Scorecard
  • Writing Utensil
  • Two Bags
  • Tons Of Random Items!

The items can be absolutely anything! From pencils and cups to holiday decorations and really whatever you've got lying around- the amount and type of items depends on how long you want to play and how hard you want the game to be.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Gather your friends and separate them into two teams. There needs to be at least one or two judges/time keepers too.
  2. When you have your teams, you can decide which team goes first. You should also have a score card ready for each team and a timer on hand.
  3. When the first team is lined up in front of the other team, the judge hands them the first random item in the bag and starts the time.
  4. The first person in the line takes it and comes up with a usage or name for it. For example, if they had a christmas ornament, the first player can say it is a christmas ornament (which, yes, boring. You'll do better.) The next person can say it is an earring or a disco ball- again, the item can be anything! The judge can decide what counts and doesn’t count, you know, like a judge would. They also listen for repeats and tally how many different items the team comes up with.
  5. After a minute or a minute and a half ends, the judge counts the tallies and the next team is up! Whichever team wins the round, gets the point.

The game goes by fast and ends when one team reaches a certain number of points or the items are all gone.

Grab your friends immediately or save this idea for your next party!

Let us know how your game went and any other rules you came up with in the comment section!

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