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How-To: Creative Cretaceous Key Rack

Jurassic World hit theaters a few weeks ago at full speed, and it hasn’t lost steam yet. There are a lot of reasons why fans and critics believe think this movie has caused such an uproar (upROAR get it?) each week at the box office, but, here at MakersKit, we have our own theory.

Could it be that Jurassic World is so popular because of DIY? Yes, you read that right. DIY is at the center of the biggest worldwide premiere of all time.

A central conflict in the movie is the creation of a brand new dinosaur: Indominus Rex. This lean, mean, genetically-altered machine wrecks havoc on the island amusement park and its patrons, thus spurring Chris Pratt's heroes journey. So yeah, DIY.

Spoiler, we didn't create our own dinosaur, but we did design a dinosaur hat and jewelry and light jacket rack for you to create!

Gather your supplies:


Like Jurassic World, it's a bit gory!


We did three colors and mixed them!

Wait for the paint to dry first!


Keys! Hats! Light jackets if you're feeling confident...

Let us in on your own theories regarding Jurassic World's success and send us pictures of your dinosaur racks on Instagram @makerskit!

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