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Maker Picks Of The Week!

Just hanging out this weekend? Try out these wall-bound string art kits and marquee metal lettering!

  1.      String Art MakersKit

Why you’ll love it: String art is simple, but it really pops out on a wall. Try our string art kit and add some fun spike beads or colorful string to really customize it for any space.

Find your beads and your fun string currently on sale in the MakersKit store!

Crystal Vitrail Czech Glass Spikes

Green And Yellow Baker's Twine

Price: $17.99 (On Sale!)

Get Stringing Here!

  1.     Eclipse Woven Art

Why you’ll love it: You can tell it's a weave, and you'll still totally love it! Try spinning it into something to hang jewelry or pictures on just like our featured Staff Maker, Theresa! Check out our interview with her here!

Price: $24.00

Eclipse any DIY decorations that've come before!

  1.     Color Block Wall Art Kit

Why you’ll love it: The wall block can blend into a colorful wall or stand out from single hues.

Price: $17.99 (on sale!)

Block out a little time to celebrate your walls this weekend!

  1.     Suspended Tassels Wall Art

Why you’ll love it: This tassel is no hassle, and it comes together a complete piece of art! To make it even more DIY, add some feathers or make it into a hanging mobile for your ceiling. 

Price: $17.99 (on sale!)

Suspend your disbelief in the benefits of tassels!

  1.     Lighted Marquee Letter Kit

Why you’ll love it: This is bright and festive and will totally light up your space. Hang it on a wall or set it on a desk and watch your room glow all day and night. Try to get some sleep though...

Price: $38.99 (on sale!)

Do we really have to spell it out for you?

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