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Maker Picks: 4th Of July Edition!

Celebrate Independence Day with some festive decorations for a backyard barbecue bash! Get one or get all of these supplies to make your party stand out. Click the links to buy your supplies for a MakersKit themed barbecue.

  1. Battery Powered LED Branch, White

Why you’ll love it: This is the perfect centerpiece-- throw this into a vase and set in the middle of your table. The branches glow at night, and during the daytime, they will provide an all-american natural look for your centerpiece.

Price: $7.27 (on sale!)

Branch Out Here!
  1. Patterned Lantern, White Lace

Why you’ll love it: Hang these over tables or under a roof ledge. The paper lanterns are all different sizes and will light up your backyard at night! They also are super festive in the day time.

Price: $5.57 (on sale!)

Lace Up Here!
  1. Floating LED Lights

Why you’ll love it: Candles are all the rage for center pieces! With these floating LED lights, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up messy candle wax or having to relight them. These warm lights will have the perfect place next to your branch display!

Price: $3.07 (on sale!)

Lights In The Sky, Lights On The Ground!
  1. Rusted Garland Stars


Why you’ll love it: Fourth of July perfection at a glance! Decorate your food trays or put these out next to your centerpiece-- either way, they will set the perfect mood for the Fourth.

Price: $3.07 (on sale!)

Rusted Stars Forever!
  1. Hanging Paper Medallions, Blue And Red

Why you’ll love it: Get blue, red, or both! If you need a splash of color to help brighten your backyard and make it Fourth of July ready, these medallions are perfect!

Price: $3.27 each (on sale!)

Go For Red! Go For Blue! But, really, go for both...


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