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Maker Interest: Urban Skate Project

What’s up Makers? We’re all about spreading the good word of DIY, disseminating amazing creative projects of all stripes, materials, sizes and scopes.

Do you even shred? Yes? No? Whatever! If you love DIY, you'll want to check this out.

Skateboard culture has deep DIY roots. From constructing ramps and designing parks to finding creative spots to shred and building the boards themselves, the maker spirit is intrinsic. This self-reliant community attitude has informed skaters since roller skates were first attached to 2x4s in the 1940s and is still a bastion of the punk ethos that’s shaped the sport’s ascension to ubiquity.

That ubiquity might threaten the integrity of some cultures. Not so with skateboarding, although the mainstreaming and sterilization of the hands-on building approach isn’t held at bay without effort. It takes boots and gloves and cement and wood on the ground. And there are many willing to take up the maker torch. One burgeoning example is Urban Skate Project (USP), whose simple, yet ambitious mission statement is “making the world a better place to skate.”

Urban Skate Project was born out of an era when skateparks weren't as plentiful and from the ethos that if you wanted to skate, you probably had to make your own terrain. As Urban Skate Project's mastermind, Clayton Graul put it in a 2014 interview with Confusion Magazine: "DIY is your spot, your labor, & your vision."

Besides their actual construction work in California and Arizona (so far), USP is building a community of DIY skate diehards by providing tips, site photos and awesome videos of their process. 

You can support the cause on their website by buying merch or simply tossing them a few solidarity bucks out of the kindness of your maker heart!

Follow DIY skate projects around the world @skateDIY and Urban Skate Project specifically @urbanskateproject

And support/learn more about the project here:

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