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Make A DIY Spice Jar!


Does your kitchen need some extra flavor? Here’s a DIY project to spice up your kitchen style- and, you know, hold your seasonings!

Gather your supplies! Most of these can be found at the MakersKit store, just follow the links:

Quadro Firenze Jars

Bright Aqua Green Acrylic Paint

Primary Blue Acrylic Paint

Kid’s Brush Set

Alphabet Rub Ons

Duct tape (.75 inches)


Lets get started!


Place a strip of duct tape around your jars.


Paint around and over the tape, mixing colors at will! We picked blue and green, but feel free to explore your palette.


Remove tape only when the hour is up!


Rub on alphabet stickers to label the jars!


Cut out shapes from the duct tape or use the end of your paintbrush to make dots or other patterns!

6. let it dry. let it DRY. let IT DRY. LET IT DRY!

Now you have some cool, super customized DIY spice jars to shake things up around your kitchen! (Get it?)

Hit us up on Instagram (@makerskit) and show us your specialized Spice Jar spin!

...or in the comment section. We also check that.

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