Meet MakersKit: Production Team Lead, Teresa

Meet MakersKit: Production Team Lead, Teresa

Teresa became acquainted with MakersKit in 2014 when her friend responded to a job opening on our production team. Teresa was an associate in the garden department at Lowe’s Home Improvement at the time, but was intrigued enough by MakersKit’s mission to interview on a whim. Though she found MakersKit by accident, her personality and work ethic meshed perfectly with the team. Among her co-workers, Teresa is known as a creative maker beyond her essential team lead position. With aqua green hair, sweet, unique personality, and love of DIY creation, Teresa exemplifies the MakersKit ethos.

Now let's get to know Teresa, in her own words:

MakersKit: What do you do at MakersKit?

Teresa: I am team lead, so I lead the pack to greatness. I basically tell [the production team] how to build the [kits], teach them how to build it, [and] troubleshoot with them on different issues that come up.

MK: What’s your favorite part about MakersKit?

T: Kathy. [Laughs because Kathy is in the room] And I like MakersKit because it’s always a different challenge with how to build the [kits] or come up with new ways to build it faster. It keeps my mind thinking about how to do stuff differently.

MK: What makes you a maker?

T: My mom. She taught me how to make my own clothes, mainly because she got tired of me telling her to fix my pants all the time. She’s like, ‘you need to learn how to fix your own stuff,’ so she taught me. I started making my own clothes, and then she instilled [my] love for plants too because she has a big old garden, so I like plants. It’s kind [of] like a stress reliever for me. I like [working with] dirt and sand.

MK: What kind of things do you make?

T: Besides making my own clothes, when I get the free kits that we get each month, I like to, instead of following the samples that they put on the tutorials, do my own [thing]-- just to make it more me.

MK: How did you get started with DIY?

T: Well, [it started] with my clothes. When I see a shirt that I like, if it’s expensive, I’m obviously not going to keep buying the same shirt. I would rather just buy one and make the same shirt in different colors so I have all of the colors. But with the kits, I use them. [For example], with the eclipse, I have no room for my jewelry, so I just thought that maybe it would be fun to do something to hang them up. I have my [stuff] all over the place in boxes, so basically I just try to see how [a kit] best suits my room.

MK: How do you come up with unique DIY projects?

T: It pretty much depends. [While I’m working], I’ll just start thinking about things, or I’ll ask Jean, [a production team member], and she’ll give me some of her ideas. I’ll just ask random people to see what they would do with it and then just go off from there and see what I can come up with. With the eclipse [kit], I asked my sister and brother what they would do with it. I kind [of] incorporated their ideas into what I did.

MK: Are you working on a project now?

T: Yes, I am making my dress for my sister’s graduation, which is tomorrow, so I should be done with it tomorrow. I don’t like wearing short stuff. It’s a really long, red dress. It has embroidery on the front, and it’s open in the back. It’s really nice. Eventually, I’ll wear it to work.

MK: What will your next project be after you finish the dress?

T: Well, I’m still working on the string art [kit]. I got that kit, but I still don’t know what to do with it. I’m waiting to see [if an idea] comes up.

MK: What’s your favorite MakersKit kit?

T: I would have to say the Air Plant Kit.

We love the look of our products, but we welcome your maker spirit not to hesitate to expand on our kits-- our staff certainly doesn't hesitate!

For instance, here's Teresa’s DIY rendition of the Eclipse Woven Art Kit:

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