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Maker Picks Of The Week!

We love DIY projects from start to finish and, of course, every step in between!

Your project may end up greater than the sum of its parts, but first you need those parts.

These are the supplies we’re especially stoked on this week:


Price: $5.27

You won't catch expert makers drawing a blank, they much prefer to stamp them! Grab a hammer and pick up a 4 pack of stainless steel blanks at the MakersKit Store, here!




Price: $7.07

Halloween may not be quite around the corner, but that doesn't mean the ancient art of sock puppetry isn't worth practicing! Start mastering your technique here!


Price: $4.27

We're getting to the prime time for summer parties and general memory making! Balloon embellishments will keep the festive spirit alive long after the dog days are done. Take the next step in your scrapbooking here!


Price: $3.07

Seal your DIY paper creations with the unique texture fit for a maker! Join the campaign against the stilted conventions of duct tape here!


Price: $5.07

And just when you thought you'd have to settle for one single offering of stainless steel blanks... Rest easy, kiddo, with MakersKit, you'll never lack for DIY jewelry components. Get stringing and stamping right here!

Each item above is an excellent individual addition to your DIY projects, but here's an added challenge, expert makers:

Combine all 5!

A burlap duct tape pipe cleaner spider puppet with stamped-tag earrings and balloon decals? Hmm, maybe you can do even better than that...


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