Give $10, Get $10 With MakersKit's Referral Program

Give $10, Get $10 With MakersKit's Referral Program



So we’ve got friends and you’ve got friends and we’re already friends…so maybe your friends could be our friends too?

 Here's the thing, MakersKit is rolling out a referral program, for your benefit, for our benefit, for the benefit of makers everywhere!

To get started, simply click the "Check it Out" button below to be taken to the referral program portal. Next, you’ll sign in and receive a personal referral code to send off to friends, family, acquaintances, frenemies, lovers, total strangers…it’s up to you!

Anyone who receives your referral code gets a $10-off coupon for their first MakersKit purchase! And here’s where it gets financially rewarding on your end, because whenever one of your pals makes a purchase, you, their benevolent ambassador to makerdom, receive your very own $10 coupon code for any MakersKit purchase over $10.



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