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Make A DIY Bath Bomb!

You’ve had a long day, you deserve to lay back and bathe your stress away! Make your own essential oil-infused bath bombs for sweet, sweet (DIY!) relaxation. Here’s an easy recipe to pack into molds and use for later or give as a gift!

Looks luxurious, right? Well good, time to make your own. Gather your supplies & ingredients (follow the bolded linked items to pick up from the MakersKit store):


1 Large Bowl

1 Small Bowl

Measuring Cups

Large Bath Bomb Molds

1 Cup Of Baking Soda

½ Cup Of Cornstarch

½ Cup Of Epsom Salt

3 Tsp Of Water

2 Tsp Of Essential Oil (we used lavender)

1 ½ Tsp Of Castor Oil

Food Coloring

And off we go:


Add your dry ingredients (starch, baking soda & salt) to the large bowl and your wet ingredients (water & oils) to a small bowl or cup.


Very slowly stir in your wet ingredients to the large bowl.



Use about 2-6 drops of food coloring for your desired shade!


See if the ingredients pack together. Sprinkle water if it doesn’t pack well!


Make sure to pack both sides and press together.


Dry for 15 minutes with one side exposed.


Carefully take it out of the shell and let your concoction dry overnight.

Good going, Maker, your R&R just got a whole lot fizzier!

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