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Top 5 DIY Terrariums

1. Air Plant Terrariums
Our most popular terrarium is also the easiest to care for. Just choose your favorite air plants to add to any jar or vase to create a totally unique miniature world all your own. Then, once a week, just pop them out for a quick soak and they're good to go. 
2. Succulent Terrariums
Like all your best DIY decorations, succulents & cacti combine easy maintenance with great aesthetics! Succulents & cacti thrive in wide, shallow containers… You know, like our awesome bulb terrariums. Though they’re certainly not the most demanding plants, make sure to water your succulent once a month in the winter and once a week the rest of the year.
3. Herb Garden Terrariums
A perfect solution to the urban growing blues! With our Herb Garden Terrarium, you can have the herb garden you’ve always wanted without taking up the space you don’t have. Grow your own special blend of herbs and finger lickin' good spices!
4. Moss Terrariums
Our moss & lichen terrarium isn’t just nice to look at and fun to decorate, it’s also an amazing DIY display opportunity. Using metal clips secured in your artfully arranged rocks, gravel and, of course, moss, you can showcase your snapshots, mini art projects, or inspiring words!
5. Keepsake Terrariums
As years go by, your miniature treasures take on lives of their own, and, with our Keepsake Terrariums, you can set a scene to match your memories. Using a base of rocks, moss and other essential terrarium materials, your keepsakes and trinkets receive the treatment and staging they deserve!

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Dinosaur kit – do I leave the lid on or off? How much water and how often?
My 6 year old wants to care for this properly.

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