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3 Fun and Easy DIY Projects

DIY Lamp Shade

Materials // Lamp Shade // Spray Paint // Spray Glue // Masking Tape or Stencils (Lace)


{1} Create a stencil using either masking tape or found objects like leaves or lace.

{2} Use a light dusting of spray glue to attach high detail designs like lace.

{3} Start with a light coat of spray paint. Repeat until desired finish is reached.


Use caution when using spray paint. Use an outdoor space that is well ventilated, use a mask, eye protection, covered work space, and follow instructions on the label.

Rose Lettuce Stamp

Materials // Lettuce // Paints // Card Stock // Newspaper // Optional: Envelopes, Sponges, Scissors


{1} Lay Newspaper over work surface and cut the end off a head of romaine lettuce. Use the end normally thrown away.

{2} Dip into paint and press firmly over card stock or envelopes, much like a stamp.

{3} Cut additional shapes for leaves out of a sponge.

Options and Ideas

Use fabric paints to print on t-shirts, pillowcases, and tote bags.


Slim Cork Board

Materials // Wine Corks // Scrap Wood // Nail or Drill // Pliers // Wire


{1} Pierce holes in the center of each cork with a long nail or drill.

{2} Push wire into each cork and tightly wrap around a piece of scrap wood.

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