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Fire Cut Terrarium Hack

Got an empty wine bottle laying around? Let's put it to use with this terrarium hack! An easy way to create a unique terrarium that is super easy to water. Let's get started!


1. First, fill a bucket with ice water. Mix it up and make sure to give the ice time to chill the water.


2. Next, take a strand of string and soak it in nail polish remover.


3. Wrap the soaked string around the bottle at the desired area of the cut, about the middle of the bottle.


4. Use a lighter to carefully light the string on fire. The string should light up fairly easily and stay lit due to the nail polish remover.


5. Slowly spin the bottle allowing the flame to heat the entire section of the wrapped bottle.


6. After allowing the flame to burn, quickly dip the bottle into the ice water. It should snap in half very easily.  


7. Now that you have a wine bottle cut in half, it's time to tie a knot in a bundle of string.


8. Insert the knotted string into the bottleneck. 


9. Now, fill the the top part of the bottle with small pebbles, soil, and plants of your choice (we used succulents). The knot in the string should block anything trying to fall through.


10. Finally, fill the bottom of the bottle with water and place the top of the bottle in it. The string will absorb and pull the water to the soil, thus watering the plants!

Want to make your own terrariums but dont know where to start? Check out these awesome DIY terrariums you can make at home. We send you all the supplies you need to get creative today.

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