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Creating a silhouette in Photoshop

Here's a tutorial on creating a silhouette. You can use this method for pictures of your pets or your children and print them out and put them in a frame.


1. First open up Photoshop on your computer.

2. Choose a picture off of your computer that you would like to turn into a silhouette. I decided to use a picture I found of a Shiba Inu. 

3. There he is! woof.

4. Next I suggest going to "Brightness/Contrast" and changing the levels a bit. This will allow the edges to pop a bit more, making the process easier.

5. Fiddle with the brightness and contrast and try to get defined edges. This works best if you have a solid background such as the white background I have in my photo. Then in the bottom right corner where it shows the picture, double click the "lock" icon to unlock your background and allow for editing.

6. Next, choose the "Magnetic Lasso" tool on left hand side, in the toolbar. Then carefully trace over the outline of your image. It should put down points for you but make sure to put some down yourself if it's not detecting an edge. 

7. I like to get a section done and then loop back around and connect them and press "Delete" on my keyboard to get rid of that section. That way if I mess up it's only a mess up in that section, and not my entire effort.

8. Continue to go all the way around carefully outlining the subject of your photo. Doesn't look pretty, but it works!

9. Once the outline is complete, go to "Edit" and click on "Cut". You should be left with just the background. Then, click on the "Eraser" and erase the entire background like I've done here.

10. Go to "Edit" and paste that pup back in there. This will give you a new layer on top of the original. Then go to "Hue/Saturation" under "Image" and put the saturation all the way to the left.

11. Now you should be left looking at a black silhouette! 

12. You can change up the background color by using the "Paint Bucket" tool on the lefthand side. Be sure to click on your first layer! If you want to change the silhouettes color just click on the second layer and use your Paint Bucket tool. 

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