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Building a work station

Hello Makers,

As we continue to get settled into our new workshop, improvements must be made. For those who may not have heard, MakersKit moved HQ to a new workshop in Los Angeles, CA late this past July. Any new workshop calls for new work stations; a perfect opportunity for the Maker Boys, Jawn and I, to demonstrate some DIY skills and show you all that we still got it! So with an objective in sight and the thirst-quenching magic of an Arnold Palmer to keep us focused, we drilled that first screw in.

The MakersKit workshop is where all of our kits are hand-assembled, and this work station will be where the assembling takes place, where all the magic happens. We knew it would be difficult and time consuming to find a proper table that

1.) fit our needs


2.) still managed to look really, really cool 

We wanted to keep the design on the sides the same as the front. We think this design gives the table a unique DIY pallet-y feeling.  

Almost done! With the front complete and the table portion secure, we thought to add a shelf section to keep things a bit more organized.

There we have it. From plywood and 2x4s to full-fledged work station. Thanks for reading! Alright, let's get back to work!

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