Customize your own terrariums with MakersKit

Customize your own terrariums with MakersKit

Sure, you can go out and buy a product or pay a company to complete a job for you, but that's not what DIY is all about. It's about the thrill of creation and the feeling of self-empowerment! When your friend asks, "Where'd you get those cute little candle holders." You turn to her slowly, look her dead in the eye with an unrelenting soul-piercing glare, and you say, "I. MADE. THEM."

But doing things yourself is not always easy, that's why MakersKit provides you with everything you need and interactive videos to guide you through every project. In other words, we've got your back. 

The best part of the MakersKit experience is that it does not have to end the same time as the video. We here at MakersKit love to see customization and we encourage you all to try new things and experiment with fresh ideas. Use #MakersKit to share your projects with us and show us what you've done and will continue to do, to make that MakersKit project your own.

Here are a few ways ways makers like you have customized their Hanging Air Plant Terrarium MakersKit:


1. Beach Oasis: This maker replaced pea pebbles and moss with beach pebbles and sea shells! A clever way to personalize a terrarium and remember a trip to the beach! (via: jpanicked)


2. Colored Beads: Adding colorful flair is never a bad thing. This maker tossed in several vibrant beads, so when the light hits the terrarium it really catches the eye. (via: arcademuzik)

3. Marvel Jungle: Wolverine looks like he's about to pounce and start taking some fools out! Add any figurine you want to give the terrarium a theme. (blyons)


4. Marker Designs: Using permanent marker, you can create unique designs on the glass of the terrarium. The blocked out sections will block out some of the light, giving the terrarium a cool effect. (via: bluet)


5. Mad Scientist: This young maker took the sci-fi route, and we're down for that! Mwhaha! (via: neekoh)

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