Experience creativity with MakersKit, Target + Techstars

Experience creativity with MakersKit, Target + Techstars


Hello Maker!

I founded MakersKit just two short years ago with a passion for DIY and arts education. As a side project, my best friend and I started teaching DIY workshops on the weekends. We were just two guys in San Francisco who loved to make stuff and teaching others how to be creative as well. Within weeks, our classes became hugely popular and we were able to quit our day jobs by doing what we love. Basically, we were finally living the dream.

Before we knew it, amazing companies like Google and YouTube asked us for our expertise and ideas on creating something special for the world. We like to think that if Google came to us for advice, we might actually be onto something. They loved everything about us, especially how we made unique experiences people love in a way no other brand has done before. With their help and advice, we turned our most popular workshops into DIY kits and paired them with YouTube tutorials that captured the quirky fun that only the Maker Boys could deliver.

Over the next year we moved to LA, grew our company, got into Techstars NYC, published two best-selling books, became national hosts of the Macy's Flower Show, co-branded a collection with National Geographic, opened a flagship retail store on Melrose Ave., launched a subscription featured as NYLON magazine's favorite DIY box, got a write up in Forbes and partnered with PS Arts to support arts education.

Through all of our adventures, wins as well as challenges, one thing has always stood out - people love the MakersKit experience. Creating memorable experiences is what we're great at, both in the stores that carry our products and at home with our hands-on project kits. 

This year we're stressing out less on things we're not so great at, and instead using our energy to make our strengths shine. We're hitting the road, traveling the country and sharing our love of DIY with you, your friends and families. We're creating products that are useful, innovative and fun. Don't take our word for it, check out the awesome instagram posts makers across the country are sharing, it's basically the definition of #BestTimeEver. Even Michelle Phan and Bill Nye are feelin' it!

Ok, so that brings me to the most amazing news of the day.
We're moving to Minneapolis!


Because we just got into the Techstars Retail Accelerator in partnership with Target! For three glorious months we'll be finding out what makes these cities #twinning. All of us here at MakersKit are pumped to join the Techstars & Target families, create amazing products and bring our flavor of DIY to every town in America. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, we're coming for you!

Follow us this summer as we turn our startup into the most creative & fun brand since sliced bread. Ask us anything @MakersKit Live on FB and the best of MakersKit Artisanal on IG.

Have a rad summer!

Meet our team from L to R: Josh, Jawn, Tina, Mike, Phillip, Alex, Michele, Leslie, Jean, & Cameron

To learn more about us or to contact us, visit our about us page.


Congratulations!!! Very exciting. Loved the article.

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